eTelligence - Intelligence for Energy, Markets and Grids - 26 Jun 2009

The eTelligence project in Cuxhaven, Germany represents a rural model region with a low penetration rate and a high share of renewables which rely on wind energy. It is planned to develop a complex control system to balance the volatility of wind power which intelligently integrates wind energy into grids and markets and ensures a high level of supply security coupled with improved economic viability.

The core of eTelligence is a regional electricity website which brings together suppliers, consumers, energy service providers and grid operators. A standardized Plug&Play connection facilitating access for new suppliers and consumers will be the basis for further forward-looking solutions. Online visualization is available to help household customers identify "energy hogs" in their home and adjust their consumption habits. Cuxhaven offers ideal possibilities for eTelligence: several swimming pools, cooling houses, the housing society and operators of wind farms and CHP plants want to become active players in the eTelligence marketplace.

Stakeholders: EWE AG, OFFIS e.V., energy & meteo systems GmbH, BTC AG, Fraunhofer-Verbund Energie, SAP AG

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