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What is Smart Grid Australia?

SGA Mission Statement:

Smart Grids have the potential to improve the economy, lifestyle and environment for Australian’s. Our mission is to educate, inform and lead the debate to ensure consumers, government and policy makers understand the solutions, benefits and possibilities of smart grids.

  • A vision for the electric system of the future – based on sound technical, operational and environmental principles.
  • A national initiative to help address the environmental issues in relation to the power industry and make that vision a reality by transforming the infrastructure, technologies and the market.
  • An alliance to move that initiative forward, to join voices in favour of a fully modern intelligent electric system.
  • An opportunity to participate in an important new market that will revolutionise how electricity is produced, delivered, and used.

SGA Vision Statement:

  • The coming decade will be defined by a rampant growth in new Intelligent Energy technologies, just as computers and communications devices have defined the recent past. Making our energy systems “smart” holds the key to protecting our planet and to fueling our global economy.
  • Innovative approaches to deliver energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly processes and products will be enabled by the application of information systems to production, logistics, product design, transport, consumption and many other aspects of our day-to-day activities.
  • Empower the user to actively participate in this process, through a range of interactive intelligent home appliances, allowing them to save energy and assisting them in addressing the inevitable price increases for electricity.

Industry Alliance

Smart Grid Australia is a non-profit, non-partisan alliance dedicated to an enhanced, modernised electric system. This alliance holds meetings, organises committees, assists with government initiatives, and issues communications to accelerate progress. It can be an important source of ideas, inspiration, and influence for any organisation interested in this burgeoning sector.

Smart Grid Australia is a breakthrough strategy for transforming the nation’s electric power grid with advanced commun­ications, automated controls, and other forms of information technology. This new grid will incorporate such things as:

  • Intelligent communications networks
  • Digital sensors and controls for remote monitoring and operation
  • Tools for grid planning, design and operation to simulate, plan and automate complex transmission and distribution operations
  • Better ways to connect next-generation equipment such as advanced storage, improved transformers, and superconducting wires
  • Advanced meters to collect usage data electronically and automatically
  • Load management/demand response technologies that help reduce peaks in electric demand and thereby reduce the need for standby power plants
  • Smart devices ranging from motors to HVAC systems (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) to home appliances with embedded intelligence which will empower end-users to actively participate in this process.

Smart Grid Australia - Membership

Smart Grid Australia is a meeting ground for different constituencies, and, therefore, a forum for important and necessary dialogs that might otherwise not occur. The stake-holder groups include:

  • Electric utilities committed to higher reliability and lower costs
  • Telcos building intelligent communications networks
  • Vendors selling the equipment, software, and services that sup-port the electric power system
  • Energy investors seeking to understand where the market is headed and where the opportunities lie
  • Federal, state, and municipal agencies who over-see the electric power system
  • Research organisations building the technologies of tomorrow
  • Non-profit organisations com-mitted to a cleaner, safer, more efficient energy future.
  • Within Smart Grid Australia there are workgroups involved in various activities. These operate on a ‘needs’ basis and can include both full members and affiliate members.

For an overview of current members click here: SGA Members

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Global Smart Grid Federation

Smart Grid Australia is a founding member of the Global Smart Grid Federation. The GSGF is committed to creating smarter, cleaner electricity systems around the world. By linking the major public-private stakeholders and initiatives of participating countries, the federation will share best practices, identify barriers and solutions, foster innovation, and address key technical and policy issues. These and other activities help member organizations initiate changes to their countries' electric systems to enhance security, increase flexibility, reduce emissions, and maintain affordability, reliability, and accessibility.

In addition, the Global Smart Grid Federation works with national and international government policymakers to address the broad challenges of deploying smarter grids. This nexus provides bidirectional communication and collaboration, which will advance Smart Grids around the world and facilitate consensus-building within the international community to address electricity system and climate change concerns.

Inaugural members are:

•              GridWise Alliance (United States)
•              India Smart Grid Forum
•              Japan Smart Community Alliance
•              Korean Smart Grid Association
•              Smart Grid Australia
•              Smart Grid Canada
•              SmartGridIreland

For more information see: http://www.globalsmartgridfederation.org/index.html

International Comparison Model GSGF members

A comparison model was created to capture the vision and objectives of the GSGF member organizations. Based on this input, a high level comparison assessment was conducted. The major elements of the assessment are outlined below:


  • Most organizations have an internal focus in promoting Smart Grid within their own national boundaries. Both Japan and Korea have additional leading objectives to promote their domestic Smart Grid industries for export markets.
  • The objectives that members have for the GSGF organization
    • International Cooperation
    • Knowledge Sharing
    • Encourage Exports of domestic markets
    • Sharing Regulatory Policies
    • Sharing Research Efforts


  • Most organizations are new (last 2 years)
  • GridWise Alliance & Smart Grid Australia have longer histories


  • Most members represent nations that have established national visions for their Smart Grids.


  • Japan, Canada and the United State have the highest penetration of smart meters
  • All member nations have smart metering pilot projects.


  • Japan, Canada and the United State have the highest penetration of renewable generation
  • Canada has significant amounts of distribution-connected renewable generation


  • There is limited distribution automation outside of major metropolitan areas across member nations
  • There are small/pilot implementations for automation (reclosers, automated feeder switches, capacitor banks and voltage regulators) on the distribution system


  • Most regions have active smart grid test projects


  1. Consumer Engagement/Buy-in – Customer do not broadly perceive the perception of Smart Grid value
  2. Regulatory – Regulators need to be convinced of the value of Smart Grid investments
  3. Moving Past Smart Meters – The consciousness of the industry and public needs to grow from smart meters to Smart Grid
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The International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) 

A group of more than 15 countries has created the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) to drive global cooperation on smart electric grids. The organisation was launched in September 20101 by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy, Dr Stephen Chu.

The ISGAN will collaborate on smart grid policies and regulations, standards, pre-competitive research, workforce skills and consumer education. It is supported by Governments from Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, the European Commission, France, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

ISGAN is working with the International Energy Agency to develop a global smart grid road map highlighting technology and policies areas where governments can collaborate. It has created a forum to discuss standards policy for infrastructure needed to charge plug-in electric vehicles, and it will develop a set of case studies of successful projects.

In parallel with setting up ISGAN, the smart grid industry has formed an international trade and industry alliance. The Global Smart Grid Federation is an association of associations, linking groups such as Smart Grid Australia, the GridWise Alliance in the U.S. and other counterparts in Canada, India, Japan and South Korea.

For more information contact:  Paul Budde

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MOU between SGA and The Korea Smart Grid Association 

Memorandom of Understanding between The Korea Smart Grid Association
and The Smart Grid Australia

Jeff Lee and John Theunissen attended the Korea Smart Grid Week in 2010.  At the gala dinner Jeff signed the MOU between SGA and KSGA (Korea Smart Grid Association) on behalf of our Chairman Charles Popple.

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