Batteries on wheels: ‘vehicle-to-grid’ technology allows electric cars to store energy

The world’s first mass market ‘vehicle-to-grid’, which allows electric cars to act as a huge battery, was launched at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show.

The ‘vehicle-to-grid’ technology, or V2G, allows electric car owners to not only plug into the grid to charge their vehicles but to also feed and sell energy back at times of high demand. In a future smart city, idle cars could act as a huge battery and help to stabilise the energy supply and even provide backup power during blackouts. Electric car owners could also use the energy in their car batteries for themselves, with V2G becoming ‘vehicle-to-home’ (V2H). A V2H system could supply an average home’s energy demands for around two days.

Endesa, a Spanish energy company, and Nissan, a manufacturer of electric cars, are working together to bring the first commercial bidirectional charging units to Europe.

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