Cisco’s push for IPv6 based smart grids - 24 Sep 2009

Cisco is using the large scale developments in smart grids to focus the attention on the opportunity to base smart grids on the IPv6. In particular they concentrate on the security improvements that this standard can bring to the industry. Internationally there is government attention to ensure that the power grids can handle potential threats and security therefore is a paramount issue.

When upgrading these power grids to smart grids there is a unique opportunity to address these issues. IPv6, the successor technology to IPv4, has a 128-bit addressing space, enabling it to handle far more addresses than its predecessor, which uses 32-bit addresses. If utilities adopt IP-enabled power metering for millions of subscribers connected to the electrical grid there could be problems addressing them all over IPv4. However Ipv6 has shed loads of addresses and is therefore future proof.

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