Verizon’s Smart Energy Home Trial - 19 Jan 2011

A trial version of Verizon’s smart energy home will commence in January. The company will conduct a home monitoring and control pilot program in homes in New Jersey that will include an energy reading device, a smart thermostat, smart appliance control devices, and a smart power strip, among other applications. 

The pilot program, which Verizon refers to as the connected home, will be focused on what broadband can bring to the home in general, not just energy, and will also include security applications, like remotely locking doors and windows and viewing video cameras in the home from cell phones. Verizon will be working with Motorola’s 4Home, as well as Ingersoll-Rand for the security applications. 

Verizon has also said that the smart energy home will be rolled out commercially in 2011, in other areas that have FiOS deployed.

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