Nedap launches PowerRouter - 20 Jan 2011

Nedap claimed that it introduced the world’s first PowerRouter, a new all-in-one solution for harnessing energy from several renewable sources. 

Nedap’s answer to growing energy concerns and complex inverter solutions is to upgrade current inverter design by including the ability to store and route energy from a variety of renewable sources on demand. 

The intelligent design of the PowerRouter also means no interruption in power. Nedaps’ PowerRouter is a lightweight wall mounted device that is easy to install. The plug and play simplicity makes it easy for industry or homeowners to benefit from this inverter to generate, store, use, exchange and control renewable energy. 

The PowerRouter is the next step in inverter technology. A simple inverter can only provide one energy function but the PowerRouter chooses the best configuration from several sources in real-time according to the circumstances. It can then provide uninterrupted power to ensure continuous operation. 

Like regular inverters, the PowerRouter can feed its’ generated energy back to the grid. However, it can also generate and store electricity from various sources at locations that have a weak grid or no grid at all. The PowerRouter can continuously provide renewable (backup) facilities by combing solar and or wind power with storage in batteries, which is especially useful in areas where power outages are common. 

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