Asia may outpace the US on smart grid spending - 08 Feb 2011

Many governments across Asia have been starting to explore smart grid technology, while being cautious over security risks associated with new infrastructure. The region is still in the early stages of smart grid development, but we can expect a number of new pilot projects to be initiated in Asia over the coming year or so.

Asia’s spending on smart grids is expected to outpace the United States, with China alone investing $7.32 billion in the sector in 2010. China is predicted to be one of the hottest smart grid markets in the coming years given its energy needs are expected to double in 10 years, and the country’s dominant power distribution company, State Grid Corp., has a goal of building out a smart grid by 2020.

In fact, China has been specifically identified as a country that it is pursuing smart grid as aggressively, or more aggressively, than any other country in the world right now, and is expected to follow the United States with a market share of 11.6% ($355 million). In 2015, China is projected to account for 18.2% ($2.76 billion) of the global household smart appliance market. China alone could spend over $100 billion upgrading its power distribution over the next 10 years.

The 4th Smart Electricity World Asia 2011 hosted by Terrapinn, 21 – 24 March 2011 in Singapore will bring together power grid owners/operators, governments, transmission and distribution companies and retailers to discuss strategies in managing current assets while enhancing the reliability and efficiency of T & D network through smarter systems. For more information see:

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