Smart Grid, Smart Broadband, Smart Infrastructure - 07 May 2009

Over the past few years I have argued for a coordinated approach in respect of infrastructure developments. And more recently I have been talking about a trans-sector approach. 

In view of the very ambitious NBN plans the need for such an approach is becoming even more pressing. With this once-in-a-life time investment it is essential that we multiply the economic benefits thereof by making sure that infrastructure projects are aligned (broadband, smart grids as well as any other infrastructure opportunities). Furthermore ‘open' smart infrastructure will facilitate healthcare, education, digital media and a range of other applications. 

Since the inception of the Obama Administration the United States has been regaining a leading position in these developments. It is refreshing to see how quickly the new administration is accepting the concepts of open networks, smart grids, e-health and trans-sector thinking. 

If you are interested have a look at the latest report of the Centre for American Progress entitled Smart Grids, Smart Broadband, Smart Infrastructure: Melding Federal Stimulus Programs to Ensure More Bang for the Buck. 

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