Ceiling insulation stimulus package - 14 May 2009

The government has estimated that the Energy Efficient Homes investment will:

  • Install ceiling insulation in approximately 2.7 million homes
  • Cut around $200 per year off the energy bills for households benefiting from the ceiling insulation programs
  • Reduce greenhouse emissions by about 50 million tonnes by 2020, the equivalent of taking more than one million vehicles off the road.

Insulation is recognised as a cost-effective way to improve homes' energy efficiency. Although by law all newly-built homes must be insulated, many older homes - up to 40% of Australia's housing stock - remain uninsulated.

As part of the program, over a two and a half year period from 1 July 2009, owner occupiers without ceiling insulation will be eligible for free product and installation (capped at $1,600).

While rented homes are not included in the program, the government will also double the rebate available to landlords under the Low Emissions Plan for Renters to install insulation in their rental properties. This will increase from $500 to $1,000 until 30 June 2011. The government estimates that some 500,000 rented homes will benefit from this program.

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