ClimateSmart Home Service - 22 May 2009

The Queensland Government operates a ClimateSmart Home Service ( to help householders reduce energy consumption and save up to $250 on energy bills annually. The service is heavily subsidised, costing householders only $50. Brisbane City Council also operates a rebate scheme which brings the cost for householders to zero. The service is estimated to save about 20 tonnes of greenhouse gases per household, or the equivalent of taking four cars off the road for a full year. 

ClimateSmart Home is composed of three elements:

  • an energy audit of appliances to assess ways to make homes more energy efficicient;
  • up to 15 free energy efficient light globes (compact fluorescent light, or CFLs) which consume up to 80% less energy than ordinary incandescent bulbs;
  • a wireless energy monitor which shows real-time power consumption, breaking it down into real-time cost and carbon emission. These Smart Meters commonly retail for upwards of $240.
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