SmartGridCity - 26 Jun 2009

In one of the worlds leading smart grid demonstration project in Boulder Colorado, the end user is put central. The smart meters connected to the grid have a range of applications:

  • they communicates the home's usage to the utility in real time;
  • they are linked to a home portal, where homeowners can track and control electricity usage;
  • various kinds of connectors and adapters that make individual appliances and devices programmable;
  • a plug-in for electric cars that will draw electricity from the grid when it's cheap and plentiful but feed electricity back when it's scarce.

Local electricity distribution company Xcel and its partners have dubbed the project: SmartGridCity.

Australia has recently launched a similar initiative a $100 million smart grid demonstration project. It is envisaged that this will provide smart community applications to some 25,000 households.

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