Smart House/Smart Grid - 26 Jun 2009

The European SmartHouse/SmartGrid project sets out to validate and test how ICT-enabled collaborative technical-commercial aggregations of Smart Houses provide an essential step to achieve the needed radically higher levels of sustainability and energy efficiency in Europe. It develops a holistic concept for smart houses situated and intelligently managed within their broader environment. Intelligent networked ICT technology for collaborative technical-commercial aggregations enables Smart Houses to communicate, interact and negotiate with both customers and energy devices in the local energy grid so as to achieve maximum overall energy efficiency as a whole.

The project will be built on:

  • using available open industry standards in both the ICT and energy sectors;
  • employing communication and computing capabilities that are already in widespread use in mainstream home and working environments.
    • The SmartHouse/SmartGrid technology will be field tested in three different countries, delivering proof of concept of a specific aspect of the new technology:
    • The capability to handle the large-scale communication, negotiation and information exchange between many thousands of smart energy devices at the same time (Netherlands).
    • The capability to intelligently interact with the customer (such as home owners) and deliver optimal home energy management as a response (Germany).
    • The capability to control smart energy devices in a fully decentralized and bottom-up way such that optimum energy efficiency at the aggregate level is achieved, together with higher security of supply levels for the end-user. (Greece).

On this basis, the project will define a roadmap to mass application. Only by considering the aggregated network level of smart houses managed by intelligent networked ICT for scale and flexibility, one is able to achieve the quantum leap in energy efficiency and sustainability that the EU's "20% by 2020" objectives call for.

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