National Smart Metering Program - 09 Jul 2009

The Ministerial Council on Energy (MCE) has endorsed a distributor led rollout of smart metering where a jurisdictional implementation date has been set and where the benefits outweigh the costs, in order to enable consumers to make more informed choices and better manage their electricity use and greenhouse gas emissions, reduce demand for peak power with potential infrastructure savings, and drive efficiency and innovation in electricity business operations and retail market competition.

The National Stakeholder Steering Committee (NSSC) has been established by the MCE to lead the development of the technical and operational aspects of the smart metering framework and build on the national Cost Benefit Analysis to inform future MCE decisions.

Regulatory arrangements (including cost recovery arrangements), consumer protection measures and safety standards for a national framework for smart metering are being developed by the MCE, in consultation with market bodies and stakeholders.

The national smart metering frameworkwill provide for an efficient, flexible and open-access smart metering infrastructure that:

  • supports interoperability
  • permits adoption of new technologies
  • minimises barriers to competition
  • interconnects energy businesses to deliver reliable, accurate and timely energy metering data in a manner that supports emerging network and energy management solutions.
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