Solar-powered mobile stations for Bangladesh - 21 Aug 2009

Huawei have announced that they have been selected by Grameenphone (GP), a subsidiary of Telenor, to deploy Bangladesh's first solar-powered base transceiver stations (BTS).

Huawei will install its fourth-generation base stations, using a solar and diesel generator hybrid power solution to provide mobile connectivity in rural areas. The base stations will primarily be powered by harnessing solar energy without having to be linked to an electricity grid. The diesel generator will be used as a backup.

Once deployed, the new system will improve GP's network performance by preventing service interruption, a previously persistent challenge in Bangladesh due to power instability. It will also lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and reduce the cost of refuelling and site visits, thereby lowering GP's total cost of ownership (TCO). These savings will offset GP's capital investment in just two to three years.

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