Upcoming Events 

Data Management within Smart Grids
7- 8 June 2011 in Sydney

Data Management within the Smart Grid 2011 will focus on the way utilities capture, store and analyse data. This two day conference is a golden networking opportunity that will bring together retailers, distributors and international experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities within smart grid data management.

Attendees will hear examples from companies that are using intelligent data management systems in their smart grid trials. They will have an opportunity to attend workshops on how information must be organized, structured and safeguarded to maximise its value, usefulness, accessibility and security.

For further information see: Data Management within the Smart Grid 2011

Smart Electricity World 2011
June 22-23 in Melbourne

The Smart Electricity World 2011 event returns in 2011 we are building on that and bringing you the electricity universe. In 2010 virtually every major utility in Australia was represented!

This year we are bringing together CEOs and industry leaders from networks, transmission, retailers and generators in arguably the world’s best electricity event. Hear how to make smart grids a reality. Discover how you can expand your operational capabilities. Get ready for the electricity revolution.

For further information see: Smart Electricity World 2011

Effective planning strategies for a sustainable and smart future
25-27 July 2011 in Melbourne

Tonkin Corporation’s inaugural Smart Cities 2011 conference taking place in Melbourne on 25th-27th July 2011 will show the most value-driven, cost-effective and practical strategies for designing sustainable city standards.

The Smart Cities conference will bring together leading industry speakers and delegates to seek, develop, and exchange views on what we want our cities to look like in the future and new technology advancements.

For further information see: Smart Cities 2011

Past Events 

SGA Conference and Industry Dinner
6 April 2011

Conference Presentations

Smart Grid Australia Conference
23 November 2010

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