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Smart Grid Australia Workgroup Policies, Procedures and Guidelines (version 2.0)
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Intelligent Networking to Support Smart Grid Initiatives - Working Group
Policy & Regulatory - Working Group
Research Working Group
Consumer Working Group
Smart Grid Smart City Working Group

 Intelligent Networking to Support Smart Grid Initiatives (1) - Working Group

Key Considerations and Architectural Guidelines

The objective of this Working Group is to provide high level guidance to the industry on key considerations and architectural guidelines for Intelligent Networking to support successful deployment of SmartGrid initiatives.

A brief report, akin to a long form White Paper

Value Proposition
The report produced will provide at least three key points of value to the industry:

  1. Context Considering intelligent Networking for SmartGrid in context of other industry initiatives driving intelligent networking to support a range of services in the home.
  2. Educational Value to provide Utility industry experts with insight into the potential of Intelligent Networking architectures to support SmartGrid initiatives; and
  3. A Checklist of considerations for network architects working on specific Utility SmartGrid projects.

Invitation to SmartGrid members / affiliates to nominate representation, in the first instance. The contributions of Utility Subject Matter Experts will be key to producing a report of value by the industry for the industry.

Invitation for Membership November 2008 Convening the Working Group December 2008 Tentative timeframe for Report April 2009.

 (1) Here the term SmartGrid Initiatives encompasses such initiatives as Smart Meters, In‐Home Displays and Device Management, Asset LifeCycle Management for the Utility Grid, Utility Workforce Management and so forth.

IN Workgroup Study Topic 2 - Securing The SmartGrid

IN Workgroup Study Topic 3 - SmartMeter to HAN Communications 

IN Workgroup - Key Considerations for the use of the NBN Infrastructure of Smart Grid Applications 

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 Policy & Regulatory - Working Group


The Smart Grid Australia Policy and Regulatory Working Group includes any interested members of SGA. The current areas of objectives for this Working Group include:

  • helping governments to develop initiatives and programs to drive economic benefit through smart grid to Australia and the industry;
  • working with government to address regulatory or policy barriers that inhibit investment in smart grid upgrades to their networks promote the benefits of smart grids.

The Policy and Regulatory Working Group operates by leveraging its wide industry membership to provide a broader focus and perspective to smart grid policy issues.

Currently our activities focussed on the Australian Government's 2009 Budget announcement that it will invest up to $100 million in the New Energy Efficiency Initiative to develop a clean energy smart grid for a population of between 25,000 and 50,000 customers. The plan is for the outcomes of this initiative to help shape a national rollout of smart grid across the whole energy network. 

The Nexus between Smart Grids and Fuel & Energy Usage - Robin Eckermann SGA appearance before the Senate Select Committee on Fuels and Energy. 

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Research Working Group - RWG

The Research Working Group (RWG) will be made up from Universities and CSIRO together with Smart Grid organisations offshore and Utilities / Suppliers where appropriate.

The aim of the working group is to provide support to SGA inresearch questionsand propositions.

Proposed activities include:

  • Involve the research community in Australia to form a R&D reference group for SGA.
  • Assisting SGA in developing a coherent national research agenda in Smart Grids by:
    • Supporting SGA with a wide knowledge base
    • Facilitate discussions and reviews of best practice in specialist areas for SGA
    • Suggest solutions to problems identified by SGA
    • Provide access to R&D specialists
    • Gather information from existing Smart Grid organisations ( initially USA and EU) and report where relevant to SGA.
  • Assisting SGA to identify the means by which Smart Grid research activity can be appropriately resourced within Australia.
  • Running an annual workshop / conference (research focussed).

In general the Smart Grids Research Working Group will act as a forum for research questions and ideas from SGA members and the research community to advise support and inform SGA's decisions.


The SGA Research Working Group (RWG) organised a workshop as an initial effort towards the development of an Australian Smart Grid R&D Road map on 12 August 2009 in Sydney. To set the scene, Terry Jones (as RWG chair), Jeff Lee, Prof Peter Wolfs and Dr Darrell Williamson gave presentations about the state of play and research needs in Australia, Europe and USA. Then twenty four participants representing industry, state government, universities and CSIRO contributed to the brainstorming sessions facilitated by Dr Greg Foliente. The proceedings and outputs from the workshop will be distributed to all participants, and submitted to SGA, by 07 September 2009.

International connections established with researchers in India, Northern Ireland, USA and the Netherlands.

Terry will be attending GridWeek in the US and TPO in the Netherlands at the end of September to establish further links and identify relevant work for AU.

WA Perth workshop being planned by Peter Wolfs in November including further ideas for road mapping research topics.

Smart Grid Australia - Training Study Group - Terms of Reference

SGA R&D Roadmap Report November 2010

SGA R&D Roadmap flyer November 2010

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   Consumer Working Group - CWG

Having now completed the research review phase, we have recently commenced our cross industry interviews to test a series of hypotheses we had previously developed. The intent is to test the different points of view as to what are the anticipated consumer impacts of smart grid implementations in Australia to date. We are keen to incorporate both the cause and effect of those impacts and understand what possible approaches can be made to different consumer segments, including those considered to be disadvantaged. We are conducting interviews with several sources within the industry including Retail, Distribution, Local and National government and Community Advocacy Groups in order to get a balanced view of the issues and possible solutions. We are expecting a diverse range of responses and will have a draft ready for review at the middle to end of September.

Many of our SGA members will be participating in these interviews and we will be collaborating with the SGCC in the US.

Ann Burns Chairperson

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Smart Grid Smart City Working Group

The Smart Grid Smart City project is a significant initiative by the Commonwealth Government and Energy Australia and will be one of the flagship projects in the implementation and understanding of Smart Grids in Australia and internationally. The project will be deployed in Newcastle and parts of the Hunter region and Sydney. It will cover a range of initiatives, including Customer Applications, Distributed Storage, Wide Area Measurements and Electric Vehicles. The various project initiatives are designed to test, on a commercial scale if possible, various hypotheses and to monitor, measure and report on the findings. Results will be made available to the broader industry to assist in the development of other Smart Grid projects.

Smart Grid Australia is one of a select group of organisations who will consult, in a formal way, with Energy Australia to contribute to the successful execution of the project. Other organisations involved are the Energy Networks Association, the Energy Retailers Association of Australia and the AEMO.

Working with Energy Australia
Consultation with Energy Australia commenced in the last few months of 2010 and will continue, on a regular basis, in 2011 and following years as the various project initiatives are implemented. Smart Grid Australia’s first, formal response to Energy Australia was delivered just before Christmas, 2010.

A small, core SGSC team has been established by the Executive. This team can be complemented by other SGA members who have interest and/or expertise in the various SGSC project areas or related topics.

To contribute, using the resources of Smart Grid Australia, to the successful implementation of the Australian Government’s Smart Grid Smart City project with Energy Australia, leading to a nationwide deployment of Smart Grids.


  • To participate in workshops and receive regular information on the objectives, plans and progress of the SGSC project from the SGSC consortium
  • To review and provide constructive feedback and ideas to the consortium on the SGSC project using the varied resources of Smart Grid Australia
  • To identify areas where Smart Grid Australia can complement the SGSC program
  • To disseminate information about the SGSC programs, initiatives and findings within Smart Grid Australia and the extended Smart Grid Australia community
  • To provide regular reports to SGA on the progress and effectiveness of the SGSC consortium’s industry engagement plan

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