Smart Grid Australia Membership

SGA is a unique organisation that brings together representation from across the energy ecosystem to look holistically at the generation and delivery of electricity to consumers by examining the key issues, developments and future directions that are transforming electricity industry, the likes of which haven’t been seen before.

SGA welcomes discussion, sharing points of view and leveraging a ‘think tank’ environment to help our members understand and prepare for the changes, show examples of where organisations have successfully transformed and developed new business models by harnessing the disruption to find new ways the deliver and grow their services for their customers.

We focus on helping our members look ahead at where the industry is heading, what is changing, where the disrupters are coming from and so our members can prepare and navigate the industry transformation we are experiencing in ways the best suit their business priorities. Our ecosystem includes the following groups that we welcome as members:

  • Electricity utilities that are driving change in how and what they deliver to their users, so they stay relevant
  • Telecommunications companies that have been experiencing similar disruption and offer intelligent communications networks for the movement of data, a new resource for the electricity industry
  • Investors exploring new business models and new directions for electricity so they can develop investment models that support and facilitate the changes
  • Federal state and territory governments that set the regulatory parameters that are endeavouring to develop regimes that support greater competition, innovation and transformation for the benefit of their constituents
  • Research organisations building the technologies of tomorrow and studying the disruptive forces and impacts
  • Vendors and consultants that are exploring the market changes and have been building new solutions that meet key market needs to improve the way the electricity industry operates.

Overview of Smart Grid Australia Membership Benefits


“The stakeholder diversity provided by SGA creates a transformational convergence of ideas and enthusiasm that cuts across the entire industry. As an active participant in the sector, Esri Australia is able to directly identify, support and drive exciting new opportunities for our energy industry community across Australia and the region.”

– Harry Kestin – Esri Australia

The electricity supply industry is transforming.  Much of this change involves non-traditional market participants, new technology integration, and is focussed on empowering customers to become more active and integrated into the energy ecosystem.  In this context, SGA provides a valuable opportunity for a company to engage in discussion, networking, communication and collaboration with players from across the spectrum.  The SGA work has been of a high quality and it’s highlighting of the consumer benefits of smart grids has been particularly useful to SP AusNet for increasing general awareness and maturity in the sector.“

– John Theunissen  – SP AusNet

SGA provides direct and timely access to contemporary global and local energy developments, key issues and  policy changes that assists Ergon transform our business”

– Bob Darwin – Ergon Energy

SGA provides a balance of technical knowledge and industry insights to AGL.  As part of a joint group we are able to consider the future of the grid and our part in it.  The range of organisations involved and the SGA activities allow a mixing of ideas and thought leadership to the industry, which AGL can capitalise on.

– Alex Cruickshank  – AGL

“SGA provides unparalleled access to the energy industry and key players.
It enables IBM, in a high regulated industry to stay abreast of as well as influence government policy and industry modernisation.  IBM is very committed to industry growth that embraces new technology, business models and partnerships.  This will grow our business.”

– Judy Anderson – IBM